Frequently asked questions

How to use different types of pepper?

Kampot pepper is special in that each of its colors tastes completely different, which is why it is suitable for different types of dishes. It is therefore excellent for so-called food pairing, when you can combine one or two types of pepper. Don't be afraid to experiment - in the end, it's mainly up to you which combination you like best!

Do you also sell ground pepper or just whole balls?

We only sell whole pepper balls. Grind the pepper to your taste. If you want a sharp taste, grind finely, if you want to feel the true taste of each pepper, choose a coarser grind - the result is fantastic! We keep the pepper whole because this is the only way to preserve 100% freshness, quality and taste, just as if you were in Cambodia at one of our plantations.

Can you recommend any recipes?

Kampot pepper is used by the best Michelin chefs, but it can easily elevate your food to a completely different level.

Can I also use the grinders for salt or chili peppers?

The grinding mechanism can crush even coarse-grained salt. We do not recommend grinding peppers or other spices in it, the grinder would clog. It's the same with our freeze-dried pepper (the salt content makes it much softer and more fragile), which should be ground in a mortar or use whole balls.

What is the composition of your butters/chocolates? Are they vegan? Do they contain lactose?

All our nut butters .pepper..nuts are LACTOSE FREE and also without possible trace elements. Everything is laboratory controlled, so they are also suitable for people with severe intolerance💪🏼 Our .pepper..chocolate bitter is also lactose-free, but in very rare cases it may contain traces of milk (if you are extremely sensitive to lactose). They contain white and milk lactose 😊 All these products are organic and using only natural ingredients and "real" ingredients.

Do you also do engraving on the grinder?

We do not engrave grinders yet. We only engrave gift box lids.

What should I have engraved on the lid?

It depends mainly on you. You can choose, for example, the name or nickname of the recipient, a specific date, or a short message, quotes, dedication, etc. In general, we recommend - the briefer the better.

How is our pepper the best?

Kampot pepper has received the exceptional PGI certificate - Protected Geographical Indication - which declares that the area in Kampot, Cambodia is the best for growing pepper in the world. It is therefore the same as with other protected products, such as genuine Champagne.

How does pepper grow?

Local farmers tend their pepper plantations as generations before them have done for hundreds of years. They grow it without the use of chemicals, with the help of purely natural and sustainable procedures, the plants are fertilized only with natural fertilizers and the pepper is harvested and further processed exclusively by hand, in order to guarantee the perfection of each peppercorn in a quality that we would describe as BIO. The individual peppercorns go through by the farmer's hands several times. For the first time during the harvest itself, when each grain is examined for its maturity. The moment the grain is ready to be harvested, it goes to drying, which is taken care of by the rays of the Cambodian sun. Subsequently, each grain is again manually checked and its export only occurs when it passes a series of strict criteria.

Thanks to this, Kampot grains achieve an absolutely exceptional quality, and it is not for nothing that it has earned the nickname "champagne among peppers" in the world. The sun's rays, soil rich in nutrients and the responsible care of farmers are the reason why the quality of Kampot pepper is completely incomparable with the classic pepper offered by commercial chains.

Is it possible to physically look at the products somewhere?

We are currently looking for premises for a brick-and-mortar store. Until then, you can meet us at various food festivals, specific places will be published in time on our Facebook or Instagram.

How long does it take to deliver the goods?

Goods are shipped within two to four working days, engraving takes one week. The delivery time is proportional to the workload of individual transport companies (e.g. during holidays).

How fresh is your pepper?

The pepper supplied by us is hand packed under strict control no later than 1 month before sale, which is reflected in its taste. We bring fresh pepper from Cambodia immediately after harvest, carefully vacuumed kilo by kilo. We don't know of any other company in the world that takes such a precise approach to controlling and maintaining the quality of Kampot pepper.

Is it possible that freeze dried pepper (green) has a white coating on it?

The white color that you can see on the surface of the freeze-dried pepper is caused by the salt solution from the true salt flower, used to preserve fresh green pepper during transport from Cambodia in order to preserve its maximum freshness.